Behind the complex term is actually a fairly classic natural phenomenon that most students have probably learned about in physics and chemistry class. For instance, if one first rubs a plastic ruler against one’s clothing and then approaches scraps of paper lying on a table, the paper will be attracted to the ruler without any contact. Basically, the friction creates an electrostatic effect, electrically charging an insulating object. The electrostatic field created by the charged ruler attracts electrons of the opposite sign and repels those of the same sign within the neutral paper

In fact, the Greek word “Tribo” means “to rub”



With TRIBLAST, the proprietary technology that results from a decade of R&D and 4 registrered patents, SKYTECH has succeeded in optimizing industrial sorting by triboelectricity to obtain an efficient separation of ABS, PS and PP polymers received as a mixture

SKYTECH stands out for achieving purity levels of around 99% at output of the sorting process. This level of purity is partly obtained thanks to an initial pre-treatment phase during which the mixed waste SKYTECH receives is cleaned and finely crushed

Thanks to this proven and innovative process, SKYTECH offers a clean solution that separates plastics without solvents or water and with little energy consumption. Plastics produced by SKYTECH have a low carbon footprint and extend the lifecycle of the constitutive plastic


Following the triboelectric separation phase, we proceed to the formulation/granulation phase. That is to say, we transform the plastic materials retrieved from sorting into (re)usable resins

The resins produced can be customized to meet the specific requirements of our various customers and to restore technical characteristics that plastics have lost over time as waste. This can be, for example, a particular degree of resistance to impact or heat

These characteristics (mechanical properties, color, resistance to aging) are obtained by heating the material to over 200°C and incorporating additives (anti-UV, antioxidants, fiberglass, talc, CaCO3, pigment, etc.) which can be in solid, liquid or powder form

This know-how is protected by 5 pending patents




Improved impact resistance of a recycled polymer

This patent protects the formula of a recycled polymer with enhanced impact resistance. The formula offers a synergy between the additives and the polymer, enabling an increase in impact resistance greater than would have been expected without the combined use of the additives



Process for improving the impact resistance of recycled polymers

This patent protects the way SKYTECH formulas are obtained to optimize the impact resistance of recycled polymers



Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene material composition

This patent protects the formula for a high-temperature-resistant ABS. It makes it possible to obtain an ABS with high thermal resistance while retaining high impact strength



Extrusion-grade styrenic polymer compositions

This patent protects the formula for increasing the viscosity of an ABS or PS. It makes it possible to switch from an injection grade to an extrusion grade



High-flow styrenic polymer compositions

This patent protects the formula for increasing the fluidity of ABS or PS. It enables the product to be converted from an extrusion grade to an injection grade



Simulation model for an electrical-field-Based separator

Designs for separators using an innovative electrical field to improve sorting performance in terms of both rate and purity




Electrostatic separation mechanism capable of sorting plastics to very high purty levels




 Optimization of the separation process allowing SKYTECH to sort in fewer stages than competing technologies




Process for electrostatic separation in a granular mix of various materials and mechanism for application thereof


Continuous quality control

SKYTECH is constantly investing to improve its industrial capacities and the performance. In particular, we are working on automating the quality control stage using robots that can measure and grade the purity rate of incoming and outgoing materials even more quickly and accurately

Improving our processes

To maintain our technological leadership, which is protected by several patents, and to optimize the efficiency and savings associated with our process, our teams are constantly working on new generations of machines

New products

Because the needs of users and consumers are constantly evolving, our engineers are constantly working on improving the performance of our recycled plastics (mechanical, thermal, rheological and structural properties of materials). Our R&D team is involved in the formulation of customized granules, cost optimization and support for our customers in the development of their products