SKYTECH has developed TRIBLAST, an innovative, patented technological process which effectively separates the different types of mixed plastics from end-of-life vehicles (ELV) and waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Resulting from a partnership with the CNRS and the ENS Paris Saclay, the SKYTECH research led to the filing of a first patent in 2012, followed by three others, the most recent in 2020. This latest patent enabled SKYTECH to move to industrial production stage.


With its innovative process, Skytech provides :

  • A clean solution that produces very little CO2 : The process used by SKYTECH is clean. It separates plastics without solvent or water and consumes little energy. Plastics produced by SKYTECH have a very low carbon footprint and extend the life cycle of the plastic.
  • A purity rate close to 99% after sorting : Skytech is the only player on the market to achieve such high purity levels.

Granulation phase

Granulation is a step that allows plastic constituents to be mixed by fusion with additives that modify physical, thermal, electrical or aesthetic characteristics. SKYTECH is rigorous in its selection of the additives used, all of which meet the highest quality standards.

Once the resins are separated, they are transformed into pure granules or granules that are custom formulated to comply with our customers technical requirements and specifications, such as thermal resistance or anti-UV properties.

These granules have properties comparable to those of virgin oil-based plastic.


We are committed to protecting the environment and are proud to participate in the transformation of the plastics industry. This focus is why our approach and our technologies allow us to offer you products of superior quality.

OUR R&D approach Continues

Target 100%

To maintain our technological leadership protected by several patents and to optimize the efficiency and economy of our process, our teams are continuously working on a next generations of machines. In particular, we want to broaden the mix of plastics we accept for recycling (recycling a wider range of sources means fewer plastics dumped in landfills or incinerated) and achieve a purity rate of 100%.

New Products

Because users and consumers needs are constantly evolving, our engineers keep working on improving the performance of our regenerated plastics (mechanical, thermal, rheological and structural properties of the materials). Our R&D team works to formulate custom granules, optimize costs and provide support for our customers in the development of their products.

Investments in Quality Control

SKYTECH is constantly investing to improve its capacities and the performance of its facilities. In particular, we are working on automating the quality control stage using robots that can measure and evaluate the purity rate of the materials before and after separation with greater speed, representativeness and precision.