“Joining SKYTECH means becoming part of a supportive team driven by the desire to contribute to the development of a company at the heart of the circular economy, which offers innovative and ecologically virtuous solutions to one of the most strategic sectors. We are constantly striving to surpass ourselves by combining creativity, pragmatism and responsibility to provide concrete support to our clients in implementing their environmental commitments.”

Ophélie Godde

General secretary


Responsible purchasing charter

Code of ethics

Aurélie HERY, Junior Management Controller

“I joined Skytech in September 2021 as a junior management controller.
The aim of this job is to help decision-makers achieve and/or question their objectives. The controller mission is to provide the manager with regular reports on the company activity, monitor its performance, optimise resources and provide operational development objectives.
I received a warm welcome as soon as I walked through the doors of the company. It is a company with human values and great team cohesion.”

Corentin TOÏGO, R&D Technician

“I arrived at the beginning of the strong expansion and production boom, which is very formative, especially as this is my first job. Seeing the process from the purchase of the raw material, to the sorting, granulation and formulation of premium materials (which corresponds to my mission), is a very enriching learning experience.
The team spirit at SKYTECH is one of its main assets: each player, whether a sales person, HR, quality control, forklift drivers, or a line operator etc., is passionate and invested in its assigned missions.
You can feel this desire to grow and make the company grow, and that’s really very motivating.
As far as my job is concerned, (R&D formulation) the discovery and application of formulations in order to obtain thermal, physical, chemical properties, etc… is fascinating. Overall, I would say that the work is challenging, the team enjoyable, and the ambition of SKYTECH inspiring.”

Mickaël FOURNEAUX, Maintenance Manager

“I am the first industrial technician to have joined Skytech 3 years ago. It was a great challenge because everything had to be done to create a maintenance department (stock management, spare parts input/output monitoring file, machine preventive maintenance, a request and intervention monitoring file, a CMMS (Computer Assisted Maintenance Management System), tooling purchase) and for the past 18 months, the company’s growing development in plastic recycling has enabled Skytech to evolve both humanly and financially.
As a result, an organisational chart is being created and Skytech has offered me the position of maintenance manager for the past 6 months, which I am proud of. The maintenance team is growing, and currently made up with 2 technicians on permanent contracts and 2 technicians on work-study contracts. Skytech is an innovative company that is very open to training, to share its know-how and to train the new generation in plastic recycling.
Remember the name Skytech, an adventure in plastic recycling that is just beginning. Thank you to Skytech for allowing me to achieve my professional goal.”

Benjamin PAUL, Laboratory Technician - Separation Project

“joining in 2021, I had the chance to integrate the SKYTECH adventure and participate in its evolution. A dazzling evolution that allows me to discover and learn about the creation and expansion of a company, all within a tight and dynamic team. This has allowed me to discover different jobs that require many skills and the importance of each person position. Being part of the sorting team and taking care of quality control from the reception of the material to its separation, I understood the importance of each position in order for the company to develop in the best conditions.”

Thomas BOGAERT, Engineer

“I joined Skytech after completing an end-of-study internship in the granulation R&D department as a materials engineer. This was my first professional experience, during which I was able to discover the formulation business, applied to styrenic plastics, and to deepen my knowledge of the various principles related to the processing of plastics.
Skytech offers great prospects and a pleasant and dynamic working atmosphere.
The planned move to Val d’Hazey in mid-2022 and Skytech international expansion are key points in the company development and I am delighted to be able to contribute!”

Claire Freidinger, QSE engineer

I joined the R&D department in 2018 as a student on a Master’s degree in Plastic Materials and Ecodesign. I have advanced within the Industrial Department as a QSE (quality, safety, environment) engineer where I have a unique position between the management system and the operational system. I support the company in its growth and its CSR approach. My manager trusts me and helps me grow.



Vous êtes un conducteur(-trice) de lignes confirmé(e) ou nouvellement formé(e). Vous êtes à l’aise sur le démarrage, et le suivi de la production tout en étant garant de la qualité produits en lien avec l’ordre de fabrication qui vous a été communiqué.


Vous êtes un manutentionnaire cariste confirmé(e) ou nouvellement formé(e) au CACES 1-3-5. Vous êtes à l’aise sur les opérations de chargement/déchargement de camions.
Vous êtes organisé et autonome dans la gestion de votre activité. Vous êtes organisé et rigoureux dans la gestion de votre activité.


Vous êtes un technicien de maintenance confirmé(e) ou nouvellement formé(e). Vous êtes à l’aise sur l’ensemble des domaines d’intervention : hydraulique, pneumatique, mécanique, électricité, et électrotechnique.

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